Are there any Chinese surnames meaning heaven or lotus?

Yes, there are two Chinese surnames which could mean heaven and lotus, respectively. The Chinese surname Qian, or 乾 in Chinese, could refer to Heaven, since this Chinese character represents a hexagram, ䷀, in the Book of Changes, or I Ching, or 易经 in Chinese. As you may know, an unbroken line symbolises Yang energy. So, we can infer from this hexagram, which has six unbroken lines, as an embodiment of full Yang energy, which could refer to Heaven.

You could find people whose surname is 乾, for instance, Qian Demen, or 乾德门 in Chinese, who is also known as Qian Guteng, or 乾顾腾 in Chinese, an actor from Taiwan. He is best known for a role, Fa Hai, or 法海 in Chinese, the abbot of Jinshan Temple, or 金山寺 in Chinese, that he played in a very popular TV series in the Chinese-speaking world, New Legend of Madame White Snake, or 新白娘子传奇 in Chinese.

It is based on a well-known folk legend, Legend of the White Snake, or 白蛇传 in Chinese, a love story between a man Xu Xian, or 许仙 in Chinese, and a snake spirit Bai Suzhen, or 白素贞 in Chinese. Here is an offscreen picture of Fa Hai, Bai Suzhen, played by Angie Chiu, or 赵雅芝 in Chinese, an actress from Hong Kong and Xiao Qing, or 小青 in Chinese, played by Maggie Chen, or 陈美琪 in Chinese, an actress from Hong Kong.

Speaking of a Chinese surname that could mean lotus, there is a surname He, or 荷 in Chinese, that is qualified for your criterion, since this Chinese character could refer to lotus. Although this is a rarely seen surname, you could also find people whose surname is 荷, for example, He Beibei, or 荷蓓蓓 in Chinese, a Guzheng player from. Guzheng, or 古筝 in Chinese, is a Chinese plucked zither.

Here is a picture of He Beibei playing this musical instrument.

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