What does native Chinese handwriting look like?

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This would be a really fun question for me to answer. Little bit on my background. I’m Singaporean Chinese, L1 is Chinese and L2 is English, but due to my

Is it difficult for a foreigner who doesn’t speak Chinese to live alone in China?

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This is very difficult to answer in a general, catch-all way as it depends on many variables Where you live: I lived in Shanghai when I first arrived in China.

What does 虚(Xū) mean in Chinese? Is it good to use for a name?

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This Chinese character 虚 has multiple meanings. It could mean empty and unoccupied, for instance, 座无虚席, which literally means a banquet with no empty seats and is usually used to

Can Ti Dao be a Chinese name?

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No, it can’t. I mean, although some might argue that Ti could be seen as Wade-Giles version of a Chinese surname 狄, then how do we see Dao, since there

Is it possible to learn Chinese in 1 year before starting your major in China?

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I did. I was really interested in Chinese (still am) and worked like a demon. I had the advantage that I was in Taiwan, surrounded by the language. When I

Is my Chinese name which my parents have given me (surname 陈徐,name 诗汶) a good Chinese name? What does it mean?

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Yes, Chenxu Shiwen, or 陈徐诗汶 in Chinese, is a good Chinese name. Nowadays, there are Chinese people choosing to use a combination of surnames of a kid’s parents as the

Can you easily learn Chinese without learning Pinyin?

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Yes, you can. Move to China so you’re in the Chinese language environment. Get a tutor so they can help you learn the characters by pronouncing them for you. Pinyin

Is 金妍希 a very Korean sounding Chinese name?

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Yes. Here is my perspective as a Hàn (Chinese) Character-topic enthusiast Korean individual. Korean reading for each Hanja character: 金 Translation: Hun’dok: 1. soé [“iron”, “metal (alloy)”] 2. sŏng sshi [姓氏 = “family surname”]

How does Chinese acquire new words if they are all different characters?

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WiFi => 无线,无线网 (no wire, wireless, wireless network) Computers => 电脑,计算机 (Electronic Brain, Computating Machine) But those aren’t new words, they’ve been around for a some time. What’s something new

Is 挪移 (Nuoyi) an acceptable Chinese name?

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To be honest? It’s one of the worst names I’ve seen suggested on Quora. The moment I saw it, I immediately thought 挪用公款移法辦 embezzling and indicted (indicted for embezzling). 乾坤大挪移