How can I translate 自己人 into English?

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Sometimes I see people asking translation of words that can easily be found from a dictionary. 自己人is not one of those words to me. You cannot find an exact word

What Chinese words are particularly difficult to translate into English?

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I like to read 武侠小说, a category of Chinese novels that does not have an equivalent counterpart in the West. The closest I can think of are action novels like

Why do some people find Chinese easier than Japanese or Korean for an English speaker to learn?

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Chinese grammar is similar to English and much easier. Chinese Characters is hard but if u learn Japanese, you also have to learn those Chinese Characters and sentence. the problem

What are your thoughts on having a foreigner name as your Chinese last name?

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No, I don’t find it embarrassing or bothersome. I mean, when I look at various ways of romanizations of names of people from the Chinese-speaking world, or from Japan, Korea

What is the best thing to know when starting to learn Chinese?

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It’s a different ballgame. You didn’t mention your native language, so I don’t know your starting point. But first, with Chinese, there are no verb conjugations, no plurals, no tenses,

What is the longest word in Mandarin Language?

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Unfortunately, we don’t have the ” longest” word in China, because all our characters are individual. However, we have the most complex word. This one is “Biang”. It is the

Why is there no “V” in Chinese?

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There is a V sound in some Chinese dialects, such as Hakka. If you listen to northern Chinese speak, sometimes they use a V sound. But as to why there

Why does it seem that Mandarin Chinese grammar isn’t well-researched?

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Grammar is useful for Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, and other highly structured languages, but isn’t really that necessary for Chinese. There are no verb conjugations. A noun is just as happy

Why do ancient Chinese 1-yuan bills have “壹” and not ”一”?

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The character “壹” is how the number 1 is written in financial numerals. The financial numerals are still being used today in both China and Taiwan, so it’s not really

What is the meaning of “傻逼” in Mandarin Chinese?

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傻逼 contains two Chinese characters, 傻(Sha): stupid 逼(Bi): an insulting word ,that contains female genitalia and the meaning of bastard Exact Translation: stupid bastard. This is a slang word, not