Can you easily learn Chinese without learning Pinyin?

Yes, you can. Move to China so you’re in the Chinese language environment. Get a tutor so they can help you learn the characters by pronouncing them for you.

Pinyin is a phonetic notation system. It was invented to help with public education, where 30–40 students learn together in a classroom. They have access to their teacher for about 40 minutes a day and go home and learn on their own. Pinyin was designed to help students pronounce a character they don’t know without someone else pronouncing it for them.

You can learn Chinese without using this phonetic notation system. After all, before Pinyin was invented in the 1950s, billions of Chinese and many foreigners throughout history learned the language without using it.

If you hire a private tutor, you don’t need a phonetic notation system. Your tutor will teach you how to pronounce the word, practice with you, and correct your pronunciation when needed. It would make your learning experience a lot easier.

Money makes everything easy.

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