Do Chinese people not get tired of writing all their characters in Chinese characters?

Coincidentally, I haven’t written a long paragraph of Chinese characters for a long time. Because of the daily use of computer input Chinese characters. However, I took an online course on Chinese cooking, and the teacher tried to prevent students from searching for answers on the internet, then pasting and submitting them. Handwriting was required. I had to spend hours writing more than 6000 words today. The following is part of my assignment. Due to time constraints, more homework, so had to use a fast font called “行书”. Of course, my Chinese writing is not very good. If there are Chinese or foreign friends who can write Chinese characters, please don’t laugh at me.

These are only 1 / 3 of the Chinese characters I write today.However, I will never hate Chinese characters, because Chinese characters are art.

When my child saw me write this answer, he thought his handwriting was better than mine, so he wrote an ancient Chinese poem in an ancient font:

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