Do Chinese people not get tired of writing all their characters in Chinese characters?


I’m not tired.


Because Chinese characters are two-dimensional and alphabetic letters are one-dimensional.


So in fact, writing Chinese characters allows you to put more content in less space.


In general, writing a single Chinese character or English letter requires only the movement of fingers, whereas you need to move the wrist in order to retain enough space to distinguish between characters.


Moving your fingers is easier than moving your wrist.


That is to say, writing with more strokes but fewer words should be more labor-saving than the opposite.


By comparing the length of the sentences above, you can see which is shorter, that is to say, which costs less effort.


Note that a Chinese character takes up the space of two or more English letters to display on the screen, so the actual number of characters in a Chinese sentence is much less than it looks above.


Of course, this is an extremely simplistic analysis that does not take into account some of the characteristics of Chinese and English themselves, such as abbreviation, ellipsis and so on.


But overall, although it can not be a quantitative conclusion, as a qualitative analysis it is still intuitive.

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