How do Chinese kids learn characters?

Chinese kids learn Chinese characters in their own ways.You can’t tell.

But,here is how the Chinese kids were taught in school.


They were taught to recognize the very basic Chinese characters as shown on the picture of my kid’s first Chinese lesson’s book. It’s some basic cognition just like what the kids recognized at their first arrival on Earth.Well,at this time,the world they familiar with is on paper represented by these black strokes formed by rules.


Cognition continues,everything in this world they familiar with now has transformed into these black strokes on paper.See the picture below.

By the way,these are the very basic Chinese characters created by those ancient Chinese fellas back to the very beginning days.


The tool shows up,which we called as “the Pinyin”. With this tool,the kids will be able to read the Chinese characters they have not learnt in class with ease.

And this tool was created maybe 70 years ago,I guess.

It is not Chinese,nor Chinese characters,by the way.It’s just a tool for learning Chinese characters IN SCHOOL.

Here is what it looks like.See the pic below.

Day_…..(someday after the 1 month period of Pinyin courses)

As you can see,the beautiful articles and poems are jumping on the stage now,very proudly.

The teacher is going to teach the kids how to write down your words ,thoughts,or even ideas with Chinese characters just like the great writers or poets have done hundreds of years ago,thousands of years ago…etc.

Also,in deed,the teacher teaches the kids with some new Chinese characters in every lesson.But it’s not a priority any more,because all the Chinese characters will be marked by the Pinyin.The kids now are able to recognize and memorize the new Chinese characters they meet by themselves.See the pic below.

Day…..(all the days coming up through the next 9 years)

Routines,routines,and more routines for every Chinese kid.


It is not that precise,but I think this is the course of Chinese characters’ learning for most of the Chinese kids.

And after all these 9 years,the kids are able to(or should be able to) read and understand the articles written by someone more than 2000 years ago.See the picture below.

And they are able to write their own articles or maybe poems.See the picture below.It is an article written by a not well known poet,I mean,me.I was maybe 14 or 15 back then.

Ignore my bloody handwriting which is really ugly.

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