There are numerous ways to say “F*ck You” in Chinese

It depends on the context – where, when, to whom- you want to say “F*ck You”.

The following phrases are quite common to express the meaning of Fck You/damn it/oh sht, f*ck it, etc.

操你妈 (Cāo nǐ mā) – f*ck your mom

卧槽 (Wò cáo) – oh fck/ oh sht

我操 (Wǒ cāo)– oh fck/ oh sht

我艹 (Wǒ Cǎo) – oh fck/ oh sht

草 (Cǎo)- fck/sht

我擦 (Wǒ cā) – oh fck/ oh sht

我去 (Wǒ qù) – oh f*ck

我勒个去 (Wǒ lēi gè qù) – what the hell/oh f*ck/ Goddamn it

The characters 操/擦/艹/槽/日/去 have the similar meaning in this context – they’d all mean “f*ck”.

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