How is your Chinese handwriting?

It’s not completely awful. If I can read it, then it’s good enough for me.

My handwriting when I started learning the language, about two years ago:

Big, clunky characters, unevenly spaced out. Too much use of the correction fluid because I made a lot of mistakes. English words littered here and there to indicate the definitions of words I hadn’t gotten the meanings of yet.

My handwriting a few months later:

Smaller, less clunky, and less legible. Fewer English words, much fewer mistakes. Writing’s even got a slant to it.

This is pretty much how my handwriting still is today. After the Chinese-language course was over and I began studying my major, I don’t write as much unless there’s an assignment or test, so unfortunately I haven’t improved my handwriting as much as I’d like to.

One of the classes I took last semester was calligraphy for beginners. In my case, absolute beginner.

My handwriting was absolutely awful, it looked like a toddler’s handpainting compared to the guy’s next to me.

I did have a good time in doing calligraphy, though. It was the least difficult class, I’d give it that.

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