Is 吉蝴 a good name for a girl?

LOL, no.

If you’re going for “lucky butterfly,” 吉蝴 is the worst you could go with. It’s a weird name because 蝴 isn’t a common word used for names. 吉蝶 isn’t much better. 蝴 and 蝶 aren’t very common for names. 蝶 was particularly bad for the girls’ name because, in Chinese culture, butterflies often symbolize promiscuity. It’s like a girl has “slut” as her name.

Yes, there was a famous silent film actress named 胡蝶, but that was her stage name. Her original name was 胡瑞华. She chose the name “蝶” entirely on purpose because she wanted to present her public-facing self as this flirty and fun party girl.

There isn’t a butterfly name that would be good for a woman (or a man) due to the negative connotations. However, if that’s what you’re going with, you could try something like ”喜蝶” (happy butterfly) or 瑞蝶 (lucky butterfly).

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