To be honest? It’s one of the worst names I’ve seen suggested on Quora. The moment I saw it, I immediately thought 挪用公款移法辦 embezzling and indicted (indicted for embezzling).

乾坤大挪移 comes from a novel by 金庸 Jin Yung. In other words, it’s recent, not a historical term, a term with any history behind it. I’m not familiar with the term and looked it up. Again, it’s not a term you see in philosophy, literature, or martial arts.

The problem is that if you use this as a name, very few people are going to think of Jin Yung’s novels, and most will think you are an embezzler, or maybe an immigrant? 挪 and 移 are not words people use in names; I cannot think of anyone with either of these words in their name. This is my subjective opinion, but I think 挪移 sounds more like a donkey braying than a name: nuoYIIIIII nuoYIIIIIII.

It’s your name, it’s your call, but since you ask me, I would say it’s a definite no.

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