Is 金煦涵 a good Chinese name?

金煦涵 is a great name. The surname 金, which means gold, is a great choice. You will share this family name with other Jins, such as, Jin Yan, or 金焰 in Chinese, a famous actor in the Republican Era, and Jin Chen, or 金晨 in Chinese, an actress in the mainland China of nowadays.

Here is a photo of Jin Yan and his wife, Qin Yi, or 秦怡 in Chinese, who was a great actress.

Here is a photo of Jin Chen. This was taken in the last year.

The generational name 煦 could mean warm and gentle. I hope you will find other Jins who share the same generational name with you.

Speaking about the given name 涵, which could mean tolerant and forgiving. You would share this given name with Wang Han, or 汪涵 in Chinese, a renowned television variety show host in the mainland China, and Angela Chang, or 张韶涵 in Chinese, a well-known singer from Taiwan.

Here is a photo of Wang Han.

Here is a photo of Angela Chang.

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