Is 阮馨婕 a good Chinese name?

阮馨婕, which is read as Ruan Xinjie in Pinyin, is a great choice for a female name.

Choosing the family name 阮 is a wonderful option. You will share this surname with famous people, such as, Ruan Ji, or 阮籍 in Chinese, and Ruan Lingyu, or 阮玲玉 in Chinese. The former was a renowed musician and poet, whereas the latter was a household name in the Chinese movie industry.

馨 could be viewed as a generational name in a family book, and this Chinese character has two meanings. The first one is the fragrance which could spread to faraway places. And the second one is that a person’s great words, great deeds and great reputation could be remembered by people for the generations to come. In a metaphoric way, you could say that this great person is compared to a flagrant flower or plant. I hope you could find other Ruans, who share the same generational name with you.

婕 could be viewed as a given name. And there are well-known people who also have this given name, such as Deng Jie, or 邓婕 in Chinese, an actress in the Mainland China and Jiang Mengjie, or 蒋梦婕 in Chinese, another actress in the Mainland China.

Here is a photo of Deng Jie.

Here is a photo of Jiang Mengjie.

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