Is the Chinese language not a very accurate language?

You know what’s funny about this question?

Because I’ve heard Chinese native speakers who are not very good at English making the Exact, Same, Comment on English.

Something that goes like this:

“English is not a very accurate language, for example, there is only one word for “Happy”, we have plenty of expressions in Chinese that mean different kinds of “Happy”: 喜悦 欣慰 开心 高兴 欣喜若狂 喜极而泣…. The Chinese language is much superior!”

Me: Exuberant.

“Excuse me?”

Me: Or Festive… joyous… gleeful… fortuitous… brightening……euphoric…

“I don’t understand any of those.”

Me: Exactly. If all you know is “happy”, “A little happy”, “very happy”, and “very very VERY happy”, you can’t really blame English for being so… “inferior” — it just means your English is not so good.

So, in the same spirit, I am asking whoever asked questions such as “Is the Chinese language not a very accurate languge?” this:

How proficient are you in the Chinese language?


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