When Nissan introduced the Bluebird model in Malaysia, the Chinese name picked for advertisement in Chinese language press was 蓝鸟, which literally means Bluebird. However, the name was quietly put aside soon after as Chinese Malaysian started making fun of the name. The pronunciation of 蓝鸟 in Mandarin is Lan Niao, which is fine. However, the character 鸟, besides meaning bird, also mean penis when pronounced as “diao” in Mandarin. And when you combined “lan”(Blue) and “diao” (penis), it sounds like the Colloquial Minnan word 朖鸟, pronounced as lān-tsiáu in Minnan language, which means “dick”. So, instead of Lan Niao, the Chinese school boys in Malaysia had a field day calling the car “Lan Jiao” instead of “Lan Niao”. Later, the Nissan models named “Bluebird” elsewhere is named as Sylphy in Malaysia.

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