What are the first characters a Chinese language learner learns?

Well, let’s use the latest version of a textbook teaching the Chinese language to Chinese students who are in their first year at primary schools as an example. This book was first published by People‘s Education Press, or 人民教育出版社 in Chinese, in 2016. And it has been used in the first semester of the first grade in primary schools in China since then.

Here is a picture showing the book cover of this textbook.

Here is a picture showing a page of table of contents of this book. As you see, the name of the first lesson of learning Chinese characters is 天地人, which means Heaven Earth Human. It was circled out in the red color.

Here is a picture showing six Chinese characters taught on this lesson. As you see, these six Chinese characters are 天, 地, 人, 你, 我, and 他, which means heaven, earth, human, you, I and he, respectively.

Here are six pictures showing how to write these six Chinese characters.

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