Well, it depends on you. I mean, if you choose 芸婕 as the combination of one generational name and a given name, then you could choose to select 施, or shi in Pinyin as your Chinese surname. 施芸婕, or Shi Yunjie in Pinyin is a great name. And this surname sounds similar with your own family name Schetz. There are other people whose surname is 施, for instance, Nansun Shi, or 施南生 in Chinese, a well-known movie producer from Hong Kong.

Here is a picture of her standing in the right with an actress Brigitte Lin, or 林青霞 in Chinese, and an actor Chin Han, or 秦汉 in Chinese.

Or you could choose to use this surname 沈, or shen in Pinyin. 沈芸婕, or Shen Yunjie in Pinyin is also a nice sounding name. There are other people whose surname is 沈, such as, Shen Aojun, or 沈傲君 in Chinese, who is an actress from mainland China.

Here is a picture of Shen Aojun.

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