What is the derisive Chinese name for an outsider, a westerner, a European, an American, or a white person?

I believe the words you’re searching for are:


  • 鬼佬, or gweilo. Otherwise known as “white devil” or “ghost.”
  • 鬼子, gweizi. Mandarin slang.
  • 海人, gaijin. It means “outsider,” “alien,” “sea dwelling human.”
  • 老外, laowai . It means “old foreigner” literally. It is slang and loosely impolite.

Bonus one, from the Chinese in Singapore and Malaysia:

  • 紅毛 or angmo. It means “red headed one,” but is slang for foreigner and can be a bit derogatory depending on how it’s used.

But you can be absolutely sure that it’s derogatory if someone says, “屌你老母,” to you.

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