What is the meaning of 牛逼 in Chinese?

It’s NOT from the “cow’s cunt” actually, it has nothing to do with vagina or vagina size. the really meaning word is 牛, which means cow/bull/buffalo, making the meaning to describe something great, amazing, powerful or super cool, as well as we use 牛人(human) to describe someone with excellent skills. 牛股(stock) to mean bull. 牛市(market) to mean bull market.

But it’s not that comfortable to pronounce just one character in Chinese in daily talking (牛 sounds like ‘new’ in english), a Chinese word would at least has two characters such a dirty/swearing character in mandarin is combined with, like “holy shit” in english to make speaking more fluent or expressive.

And 逼(approach/press on) is NOT the character of vagina, the real one is 屄 which is 尸(body) combined with 穴(hole), 逼 is used for the same pronunciation of 屄(sounds like ‘bee’ in english) because 屄 would never appear in daily text even on internet, no school no teacher would teach it, it could only be found in old dictionary or some porn websites.

By the widely use of 牛逼, 装(pretending)逼, 傻(stupid)逼, 逗(funny)逼 on internet, young generation speak ‘bee’ a lot in daily life but little of them know the true character, some south China people don’t know the meaning of this pronunciation because ‘bee’ is from oral mandarin thus some well educated young ladies may say it in public. but they won’t say it anymore if they know it someday since 屄 is considered quite/very rude/offensive in Chinese by the character itself.

牛逼 is not a decent word after all, we speak it and write it everywhere on internet but we rarely see this word on TV / Movie caption and never see it on books.

etc: people may write 牛B, 牛x, 牛p, 牛?, ??, 牛比(compare) on Chinese internet as well.

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  1. Thank you, and now I know the true character. But I would also say, language is what you use, when 逼 is widely used as 屄, it’s unavoidable that it will take the meaning too …


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