What is the meaning of the Chinese “鸡你太美”?

August 14, 2022 0 Comments

鸡你太美 is actually a meme. The original line was 只因你太美(only because you are too beautiful), which was the first line of a song sang by singer Cai Xukun. 只因 is pronounced zhi-yin, which when you say it really fast, becomes Jin, which is pretty close to the pronounciation of 鸡, Ji, which means chicken. So 鸡你太美 would mean chicken you are too beautiful, but that’s not really the point, no one really care what a meme really means anyway.

Now, there’s reasons behind this, but it is too off topic for this question, but Cai and mostly his fanatic fans, did something that pisses a large number of people off, so they make this meme to mock him. nowadays whenever there’s a chicken appearing, some would say 鸡你太美 to mock Cai.

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