What is the meaning of the Chinese “鸡你太美”?

鸡你太美 is actually a meme. The original line was 只因你太美(only because you are too beautiful), which was the first line of a song sang by singer Cai Xukun. 只因 is pronounced zhi-yin, which when you say it really fast, becomes Jin, which is pretty close to the pronounciation of 鸡, Ji, which means chicken. So 鸡你太美 would mean chicken you are too beautiful, but that’s not really the point, no one really care what a meme really means anyway.

Now, there’s reasons behind this, but it is too off topic for this question, but Cai and mostly his fanatic fans, did something that pisses a large number of people off, so they make this meme to mock him. nowadays whenever there’s a chicken appearing, some would say 鸡你太美 to mock Cai.

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  1. I am a Chinese and this meme has many derivative meanings. For example, saying “Are you sick?” in Chinese sounds like “You don’t eat fritters.”

  2. You are right, and yes, there is some reason behind 鸡你太美 ‘s popularity, I’d like to refer to my point of view. I’ll be glad if you can click my nickname and view my post(in chinese).

  3. This is the lyrics from the song “Just Because You’re Too Beautiful” – Just Because You’re Too Beautiful. Chicken, you are too beautiful (just because you are too beautiful), the soundtrack of this performance appeared in the variety show “Idol Trainee” at the moment when Cai Xukun turned around and threw away the basketball.
    The original lyrics “Just because you are too beautiful” turned “just because” empty ears into “chicken”. At first, it was just a niche joke, but it wasn’t until later that a person played yo-yo while dancing “Just Because You’re Too Beautiful”, so that the joke was understood by more people. Because “鸡” in Chinese means weak chicken, and “weak chicken” is equivalent to Losser in English. Coupled with the imitation of various netizens, oil cakes, basketball, why are you all related to “Just Because You Are Too Beautiful”. Of course, the Chinese language is broad and profound, and there are some extended meanings that cannot be fully expressed. For example“食不食油饼”

  4. “鸡” in Chinese means chicken and “https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penis” ,“你太美” means “you are too beautiful”.In the original lyrics, it was actually ‘only because you’re too beautiful’.I will explain with the article of the author “齐天乐R” on the Chinese Internet platform Bilibili:
    Firstly, the pronunciation of ‘only because’ in standard Mandarin is:

    [ ɖ̥͡ʐɻ̩. ( ʔ) In]

    (A small circle above or below indicates “Qinghua”, and the “unaspirated consonants” in Mandarin are somewhat different from ordinary unaspirated consonants.)

    Then, because the singer (Swin-s member Cai) is a southerner (originally from Hunan and grew up in Zhejiang), southerners often fail to pronounce the “tongue raising sound” when speaking Mandarin, similar to English j and ch:

    [d] ̥͡ʒɹ̩. In]

    At the same time, the two characters “only because” in the lyrics are both sixteenth notes, and at this time, the BPM is 107, which translates to a pronunciation time of only 0.138 seconds for each character (about seven words per second, even faster than Huashao)! So this kind of condition cannot achieve a truly perfect ‘word by word’, so these two will inevitably be connected, and the effect is as follows:

    [d] ̥͡ʒ I ː N]

    At the same time, in the daily use of modern Mandarin Chinese, the nasal ‘v’ vowel ending often does not truly arrive, especially when speaking at a fast pace, in order to ensure fluency; In addition, the next character happens to be the “you” of the initial consonant n, so the final n of “yin” is strongly weakened (in fact, it may have “migrated” to the next character), becoming:

    [d] ̥͡ʒ I ː ( ɹ̃)]

    This pronunciation, if you can completely shake off the rhyme, is basically a less turbid English pronunciation of “Gee”, and the closest pronunciation in Mandarin happens to be “ji” (the authentic zh+i is not very similar)!

    So “Chicken, you’re too beautiful” emerged from the sky.










    于是乎“鸡 你 太 美”横空而出。


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