Why did China switch from traditional to simplified characters?

You have to know a little known history.

Today’s China was established in 1949, and its founders were Mao Zedong and the Communist Party of China.

When they founded their country in 1949, the war had been going on for decades and the country was in ruins. They wanted to build this country, but found that although there were 400 million people in this country, 95% of them were illiterate.

This gave Mao Zedong and his team a huge headache. How can the people build a country if they have no knowledge? So they can only start from basic education.

They formulated a plan to reduce the illiteracy rate to less than 10%.

But how to implement this plan? In addition to increasing investment in education, building more schools and training more teachers. They feel that learning must also be made easier.

1956AD, they organized and standardized the simplified Chinese characters that were popular in society, replacing the traditional traditional Chinese characters.

However, Hong Kong and Macau were not under the control of the Chinese government at that time. Therefore, their simplified Chinese plan cannot cover these two areas.
Although these two places returned to China 50 years later, due to the popularity of computers, the efficiency problems caused by traditional Chinese characters are no longer so obvious. Therefore, the Chinese government did not force these two regions to switch to simplified Chinese characters. The situation is similar in Taiwan, which has been using traditional Chinese characters.
However, many young students in these three places are very popular in using simplified Chinese characters. After all, the advantages of writing are very obvious.

The situation in Singapore is different. In 1969, the Singaporean government realized the advantages of simplified Chinese characters. Simplified Chinese characters began to be promoted, so most people in Singapore today use simplified Chinese characters.

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