Why do some people find Chinese easier than Japanese or Korean for an English speaker to learn?

Chinese grammar is similar to English and much easier.

Chinese Characters is hard but if u learn Japanese, you also have to learn those Chinese Characters and sentence.

the problem is, if you only learn Japanese , you can’t understand the detail meanning of many words.

for example, why Japanese yelling “Banzai” when sucide?

What is Ban and what is Zai?

The surface meaning is “Ban is ten-thousand”and Zai is “years”.

But the detail meanning is, in China, Ten-Thousand means “close to forever”, and Zai mean “1/12 of the circle of Jupiter star”.

And for another example, why Dragon balls are seven?

why the Dragon is Green?

why u collected 7 balls and the Dragon show up?

because it’s a 7-star pattern on East Sky, leading to the Green Dragon constellation, which is also the first constellation of the whole universe which create every thing in Chinese mystery.

So, If u wanna really understand Japanese, study Chinese first.

And why the Japanese hanging carp flags in the early summer?

Because in the Chinese yellow river ,carps always tracing back from a “Dragon gate” in early.summer, and people say If the carps success, they turn into Dragons.

So Japanese using this concept to encourage their boys.

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