Why do the Chinese have no grammar?

Wow, wow, the 3 existing answers written by people who do not speak Chinese.

Like, I have no idea where you guys get your confidence. Seriously, I wish I had half of the confidence of a mediocre white dude who talks nonsense about a language they do not speak with such arrogance and authority.

Sean, my dude, you have been writing a lot about China, and every single answer is 100% racist bull crap. I don’t understand why. Why do you do this? Who hurt you, Sean?

Anyway… sigh… trolls.

Chinese do have grammar. And we actually share a lot of grammar rules with English and other languages. For example, our sentence structure also follows the same “subject, predicate, object.” Sure, we don’t have tense, and clauses are less common, but like every other language, we have grammar rules, and we teach them in school.

So if you speak Chinese, as in, you learned it from a reputable organization, and you took the HSK tests, you would learn Chinese grammar rules since… that’s how you learn a fucking language, you fucking ignorant morons, with you fucking bull shit about “mix languages.” I don’t know where you learn that garbage. Yes, the Chinese language has never stopped evolving over the centuries, as all living languages do. But the Chinese language and Chinese characters can be traced all the way back to the Oracle bone script with surprising consistency through thousands of years.

Here’s the evolution of the character 灾 or “disaster.” As you can see, it started out as “a fire in a house” and remained the same structure all the way to modern Chinese.

There’s no such thing as a “mix language of 1000 languages.” Chinese is not a bastard language like English.

And just because you don’t have the brain power to “figure it out” doesn’t mean other people can’t. It certainly doesn’t mean grammar rules do not exist. Like. how did you get from“I don’t understand” to “it doesn’t exist”? How do you get that logic? Did white supremacy fry your peanut brain?!

Jesus Christ on a fucking motorbike! You people are morons!

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