This question is either supremely ignorant or downright malicious. Okay, everybody likes to make themselves feel superior by sneering at China, yes, yes, you are amazing, now do you feel less miserable?

Oh, Chinese has many words with double meanings. I wonder if there are any languages on earth that do not have words with double meanings. Take, for instance, the English word “mean.” What do you mean? That nasty person is mean. The person may be of mean intelligence (inferior). They came from a mean background (humble). Their motives are mean (petty). Calculate the mean acid content of all the samples. People in the club have a mean age of 43. Boy, it sure is a good thing that an English word means only one thing and one thing only, not like that nasty Chinese!

According to the Oxford Dictionary, go has 368 meanings, set has 430, and run has nearly 450. But yes, please, do tell me again about how bad Chinese is because words have double meanings.

I am afraid our Quoran does not understand the origins of languages. Languages are not badly designed or well designed, they are carried to the eagerly waiting people by storks, and then everybody is happy that they can finally speak! Pity the poor Chinese who got stuck with words with double meanings!

What!? You don’t think languages are delivered by storks? Where do you think languages come from, you find them in the cabbage patch? That’s almost as ridiculous as claiming that languages are designed.

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