Why is Vladivostok translated as 海參崴 in Chinese?

The question itself is wrong

“海参崴(Hǎi shēn wǎi )” is not the Chinese translation of Vladivostok. But this place was originally called “海参崴(Hǎi shēn wǎi )”.

After the Russian Empire snatched this land from the Qing Empire, it gave it a new name Vladivostok (meaning Conquest of the East)

The Chinese don’t like this name very much, so they always call this place “海参崴(Hǎi shēn wǎi )”

Although China-Russian relations look good now. But many Chinese believe they will one day take these places back. The Russians actually think so too, so they have always been very afraid that the Chinese will do this.

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