Why most of African living in China can speak Chinese very well?

Technically speaking, most real African people come from Africa came to China to live in the real life here.

By real African people I mean they directly come from African countries, not North American, European and Australia citizens of African descendants.

By real life I mean they are here to get educations, to do business or to get a job here.

Unlike those people of Western world, they get in touch with Chinese people on a daily baiss, they don’t exclusively live in the circle of their own kind.

According the linguistic educational researchers, this is called immersion approcah which was considered as the most efficient way of learning new lauguage.

This is Dialah (I guess this is his name, cause his Chinese name is 迪亚拉 and he comes from Mali), he was Ph.D of traditional Chinese medicine, he is a TCM doctor in Chengdu, China.

His handwriting.

His daily life:

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