Not the best person to answer this question but since you requested to me, here’s how I memorize Mandarin pronunciation (spelling) of Chinese Characters.

For Chinese Characters and their meaning,

Visual images effectively help a lot…

For Mandarin, Cantonese, and any Chinese dialect pronunciation,

If you know the topic of “Syllable Structures”, then here it is…

I studied Japanese Kanji (漢字) first and then self-studied Korean Hanja (漢字) and Vietnamese Hán tự (漢字)/ chữ Hán.

So, comparing them through syllable structures pattern is how I would study the Chinese language.

  • onset: initial letter sounds
  • nucleus: median letter(s) sounds
  • coda(s): final letter(s) sounds

I will share images and answer…

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For Mandarin, it has to do with both pronunciation and how it is spelled/ romanized when comparing the two. As for Cantonese, here’s how I can explain the similarities between the two in a more meticulous answer. Similar pronunciation between Cantonese words and Sino-Korean characters (or “Hanja” [漢字…

I hope that this helps?

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