Do some Chinese people have full names like for example with given names, middle names, and a surname?

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Well, in the Chinese culture, we have a term generational name, or 字辈 in Chinese, which could be seen in some Chinese people’s names. And the notion full name in

What is one famous Chinese proverb and explain it?

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Well, I will mention an example, 天不言自高, 地不言自厚, which literally means the sky doesn’t say how high it is and the ground doesn’t say how deep it is. It’s usually

Are there other kanjis/hanzi that have like a bunch of a single radical combined to make 1 kanji/hanzi? Something like 又双叒叕 and 人从众𠈌.

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There are tons but I know some… [I know that I’m missing some more but these are what I currently know on the top of my head.] I understand that

Is 吉蝴 a good name for a girl?

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LOL, no. If you’re going for “lucky butterfly,” 吉蝴 is the worst you could go with. It’s a weird name because 蝴 isn’t a common word used for names. 吉蝶

Can I speak in Chinese in the order of sov? Is it possible to order sov in Chinese?

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Well, it depends on how you see this topic. I mean, the sentence structure of the Chinese language is usually SVO, which is subject–verb–object, or 主谓宾 in Chinese. And the

Why is Vladivostok translated as 海參崴, in Chinese?

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Two theories about the meaning of 海参崴* Hǎishēnwǎi / Haeshenwae 1: Perhaps a translation of a Manchu name that means “seaside village”: ᡥᠠᡳ᠌ᡧᡝᠨᠸᡝᡳ 2: Perhaps 崴 is a local word

Would 蜜心 be a good Chinese name?

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The name that you mentioned in the question, Mixin, or 蜜心 in Chinese, literally means honey heart. Since honey tastes sweet, this Chinese character could also be used as an

What is ‘不倫’?

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First, 倫 lún:this is a combination of 人 person and 侖 which is 亼 chí / ji gathering 冊 books (for those who care: 形聲必兼會意); the basic idea is thinking,

What makes some identical Chinese characters have at least 2 different pronunciations?

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Originally all words had one pronunciation each (一個蘿蔔一個坑 each radish has its hole, couldn’t resist that), but as the language evolved, characters took on different pronunciations for the sake of

What challenges have you faced learning Chinese?

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One of the challenges I faced learning Chinese was the way Chinese expresses things so much differently from English, my native language. An example is 不好意思 which means shy. But